Joey Ch’ng

Principal Photographer

I’m a Malaysian, grew up in Penang island aka “The Pearl of the Orient”. From a tradition Chinese family and yes, a pretty square mind i had back in my younger days.

Got lucky during my teenage years and i became a student of a very eloquent painter where i leart about expressing feelings and emotion through art.I completed my tertiary studies in the field of Electrical & Electronic Engineerings and spent 20+ years of my career in the field of Telecommunications. I never stop applying the love for Art in all my encounters. My relationship and expression of Art escalated when i get my first Digital SLR Camera. Arrival of my first child, capturing moments of all happy faces empowered me to take photography into a more serious level.

It has been a long 10+ years journey and i have ventured into shooting commercial projects, Motor Sports, meeting school children, shooting Weddings, Architectural and other conceptual projects. I hope to meet new faces, taking new projects and keep my mind going..

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